Dance at the Studio


Located in Israel’s Negev desert, the Hatzerim Dance Studio makes a unique contribution to social integration and the quality of life of residents in this, the least developed region of Israel.


A primary goal of the studio is to provide a framework which will promote a healthy, positive self-image among Negev youth through cultural enrichment, artistic challenge and a sense of creativity and joy through dance, the Hatzerim Dance Studio creates a language of inclusion and the opportunity for residents of the region to meet and create as equal partners. The experience of dance at the studio offers children from development towns, urban neighborhoods, kibbutzim and moshavim – Ethiopian and Russian immigrants and native-born Israelis – the chance to explore and construct new paradigms of social and physical space and to redefine their place within it.


The Dance Studio is open to all, regardless of physical limitations or career aspirations. Nonetheless, we maintain the highest professional standards and some of our graduates have gone on to professional dance careers. Today, the studio has over 180 students, with many more waiting to enroll.


The studio 1st art director, Ms. Eidelsztein, has worked with Estela Maris in Argentina, Anna Sokolow, and other reknowned professional dancers both in Israel and abroad.


Ms. Eidelsztein is an active choreographer, specializing in contemporary dance, video dance, dance theater and kinetic sculpture performances


"The Hatzerim Dance Studio provides an invaluable service to residents of the Negev." Yehudit Arnon, first Artistic Director of the Kibbutz Dance Company, and recipient of the prestigious Israel Prize for Dance.



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