the studio

 Yael (12) looks forward to going to the studio. Since she started dancing, she has been much happier and school teachers have seen an improvement in her attitude towards school. I believe that the studio has helped her to develop self-esteem" Edna, Yael's mother.


The Hatzerim Dance Studio operates in extremely difficult physical conditions. Activities currently take place in three spaces provided by Kibbutz Hatzerim:
a cramped music room and an underground bomb shelter without daylight or adequate ventilation, toilets or showers. Neither space meets guidelines set for dance institutions by the professional ‘Mishori’ Committee, 30 years ago.

Funding is crucially needed for a proper dance facility able to provide a spacious, welcoming atmosphere.


We have an open air studio, in olive trees orchard, which can be used during the summers only.


The construction of a modest facility with high professional standards will enable us to double the number of students, thus expanding the unique contribution to the. The new facility will enhance the ability of the Dance Studio to serve as a focus and a meeting place for joint creativity between diverse sectors of the region’s population, and a gateway for children and adults to the world of the arts.





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